Why choose La Bottega del Restauro

We restore and sell antique Berkel slicers since 1995

Authorized Restorer

Officially Authorized Berkel Restorer

We work directly with Berkel since 2002. This allows us to provide an official certificate of authenticity. We offer you only certified Berkel slicers and scales.

20 Years experience

I admired my father for years in his ongoing research on Berkel slicers. Then I found my own love for restoring Berkel slicers. On 14 February 2000 “La Bottega del Restauro”, a family run company, was established.

Visit to our workshop and exposition

You are welcome to visit our facilities, where we will explain you how your slicing machine was restored, while giving you some background history.

Training and Video explanations

On top of the full training on how to work the slicing machine, that we provide when you visit us, we produced tens of videos that explain our machines' functionalities and maintenance.


10 Year Warranty

We offer our customers a high quality product that has lost none of its original professional performance. Our unique document collection and restoration procedures ensure the 10-year warranty.


We offer you certified Berkel slicers and scales.

Our unique Berkel slicing machines, beautiful yet useful, are the result of a great passion for restoration and details.

Our website features one of the most complete catalogs and probably the best historical archive of Berkel slicers on the web. Browse the catalogue of slicers on sale and check out our advanced restoration techniques videos.

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Why Berkel?

Discover all about the restoration of a Berkel slicing machine...

Value that lasts...

Berkel, a brand, a story...

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