Berkel in Italy


From an article of that time:

“… The Italian establishment of “Berkel” in Milan was an abandoned tenement block with crumbling walls, half destroyed by bombing. Built in 1924, expanded and modernized in twenty years of generous and patient labour, the factory had been badly damaged by war and was no longer able to resume its activity, even though six years have passed. But today, in no time at all, it has re-established itself as more efficient and modern than ever and, in addition, the whole of “Berkel” has progressed enormously in breadth and strength. 

The figures reproduced here along with all the documents speaks of the path taken, what was accomplished through great effort; but these figures, already significant in themselves, acquire a meaning even more eloquent when you consider that they were reached, virtually, over a period of three years only, and amid continuing difficulties. The war had wiped out everything, the work of a whole generation had been destroyed. (…) 

Yet, in the rubble (…) remained something indestructible – the name “Berkel” (…)

And it was the reputation behind the name that gave the reconstruction momentum. (…). It was for us a big claim to fame to ensure that “Berkel” in Italy does not just sell a machine, but also sells a service that is a solid and safe guarantee for the buyer. (…). We feel we have a long way to go still, but at the same time we have the means to be the best in the world. The results achieved in recent years (…) are our best guarantee.”

berkel in italy
Milan factory