Berkel Volano B114

Expected delay: 4 weeks

Because of the high number of requests, for some colors a longest waiting is needed.



The B114 flywheel cured meat slicer is the machine also suitable for intensive use and for any type of cured meats, especially the finest prosciutto.

It is made of painted aluminium with stainless steel details. It has an in-built-in sharpener and a precise slice thickness adjustment unit.

Flywheel B114 has a blade with a 319 mm diameter. It is available in colours red and black. All versions can be fitted with a cast-iron pedestal of a matching colour.


The blade

Flywheel B114 has a German 100cr6 steel blade with a 31,9 cm diameter and a 21,5 cm round cutting capacity. It allows for a maximum slice thickness of 1,5 mm. The concave shape of the blade touches the product only at the cutting point, thereby preventing any alteration in taste and scent.

Built-in sharpener

The B114 flywheel slicers have a built-in sharpener, which extends the lifespan of the blade always ensuring the perfect cut. You can position the sharpener manually simply by lifting and rotating it. The sharpener has only one position that does not require any adjustment, thereby ensuring the perfect angle for optimal sharpness.

Top clamp locking/unlocking system

The double-column top clamp locking and unlocking device allows a perfect hold of the product on the meat table.

Stainless steel

Both the meat table and the top clamp are made of stainless steel


The return of the myth of Berkel’s historic Red 1898 Series

The B114 flywheel cured meat slicer is the ideal machine for any type of cured meats. It is made of painted aluminium with stainless steel details and is equipped with a 31,5 cm blade.