Berkel Volano B3

Expected delay: 4 weeks

Because of the high number of requests, for some colors a longest waiting is needed.


VOLANO B3, the flywheel meat slicer for home use

Berkel B3 is the perfect flywheel meat slicer for intensive use. A professional machine for home use. The vintage design of this artisanal machine brings the history of Berkel meat slicers, into your home. This machine can furnish your kitchen or living room in pure Berkel style.

B3 has a blade with a 300 mm diameter. It is available in standard colours red and black. Its accessories include the slicer stand and flower flywheel, which makes it even more precious.

Some details may be different from those shown in the photos.

The blade

Flywheel B3 has a 100cr6 steel blade with a 300 mm diameter and a 210 mm round cutting capacity. It allows for a slice thickness that ranges between 0 and 1,5 mm. The concave shape of the blade touches the product only at the cutting point, thereby preventing any alteration in taste and scent.

Built-in sharpener

The B3 flywheel slicers have a built-in blade sharpener. You can position the sharpener manually simply by lifting and rotating it. The sharpener has only one position, which ensures the perfect angle for optimal sharpness.

Top clamp locking/unlocking system

The double-column top clamp locking and unlocking device allows a perfect hold of the product on the meat table.

Blade protection device

Flywheel B3 is equipped with a protection device that covers the blade to ensure maximum safety while using or cleaning the machine.

Waste collection drawer

This machine has a drawer to collect the waste produced while slicing. Another measure that makes this machine even easier to use and clean.

Anodised aluminium meat table

The B3 flywheel slicers are equipped with an anodised aluminium meat table, which ensures durability and wear-resistance.


Great cutting capacity and classy design

A flywheel slicer for home use with an outstanding cutting capacity and an appearance inspired by models of the past. It ensures a perfect cut and features a vintage design with sophisticated finishes.