Model 1

Created in 1908 and produced until 1915, it is a large model for the times.

The trolley slides on a large plate, which also acts as a sliding guide, mounted as on the opposite side on 2 columns, while on the opposite side it rests on a smaller plate, all without rollers. The sliding one has bronze plates, while on the small one they used felt.

The advancement mechanism is with a trapezoidal worm screw in sight and with the comb for the advancement of the trolley. A lever is mounted on the comb which is used to release the plate for fast return.

The adjustment of the slice, a true mechanical genius, is made by means of an adjustment rod resting on a castle on the side, where 15 adjustments can be selected. On this rod is fixed a system of connecting rods that regulate the toothed wheel for the advancement of the screw, with a cam system placed under the carriage that gives the right millimeters of displacement.

The drive of the machine is with the classic flower flywheel of the time. The blade, 370 mm in diameter, is mounted on the round shoulder to which the metal glove box and the plate are attached. They differ according to the countries where it was purchased. In the upper part of the shoulder we find the blade sharpener, composed of several chromed pieces, all visible and without casings