Model 12

Made after the war, it was produced only in Italy by “THE AUTOSCALE SLICING MACHINE Milan”, the company responsible for import, distribution and assembling of Berkel slicers at that time. Built using model’s 7 spare parts, it was created to be an economic model.

The carriage runs on a joint pin and the solid flywheel has the Berkel’s decal on it. With the pawl mechanism, the upper carriage takes the worm screw directly to the slicing regulation clock, this with the new plastic knob.

A new improvement is made by the upper carriage face, which, different from model 7, has a new safe releasing mechanism.

The clamp has the open arm, held by two stud bolts and it is open in the front, to give easy access for big meat cuts.

The sharpener is the classic one, with upper casing and front cover.

The blade, 370mm of diameter, is set on the arch abutment with the face made of white opaline glass.




Wheel type


Year of production