Model 7

Produced between 1925 and 1928, this is a new version of model 5. This model was also used in Italy in the city of Chiavenna at the BREVETTI VAN BERKEL ITALIA factory.

The carriage runs on a joint pin and has the solid flywheel movement. With the pawl mechanism, the upper carriage takes the worm screw directly to the slicing regulation clock.

The most important modification is the face of the upper carriage, which is now above the flywheel. Before this innovation, if the product to be sliced was too big, it could have easily interfered with the slicing process.

The clamp, to fix the product on two stud bolts (back and front) has a fast sliding.

This model has for the first time the new open arm, held in the back from two stud bolts, the front is open and has easy access for big meat cuts.

The sharpener is the classic one, with upper casing and front cover.

The blade, 370mm of diameter, is set on the arch abutment with the face made of white opaline glass.