Model 8H

Produced between 1928 and 1948, this is the Berkel’s great technical innovation.

This model is very similar in shape to the model 7, but has the new cases protecting the sliding joint pint and the carriage advancing screw, which is completely renewed.

The old square screw is replaced by the helicoidally threaded screw and everything is set on a heavier loading mass.

The carriage has a clamping joint mechanism, with stop knob and a manual fast advancing system. The old slicing regulation clock, made of chromed metal, has been replaced by a more precise one, with bakelite knob.

The solid flywheel has the decal “Van Berkel’s patent” on it. The blade, 370mm of diameter, is set on the round arch abutment with the face made of white opaline glass. The framework has all the corners rounded.




Wheel type


Year of production