Model L

Produced between 1907 and 1916, this is surely the best known model and the first one exported from Holland. It was first distributed in Italy by Bach Milan and then in South America from the new-born Berkel Argentina. The machine has a pierced flywheel movement and its features remember the C and D models, the first to be created in 1898.

The carriage is supported by four castors and guided by a steel foil that goes inside the framework.

The upper clamp, hold by two racks, moves forward with the worm screw, settled by a numbered bar.

The blade, 350mm of diameter, is placed on a round abutment, where both the metal tray and the plate are placed.

The plate differs according to the country of production.

The blade sharpener is in the abutment upper part and it’s made of different chrome-plated parts, all at sight and without covers.




Wheel type


Year of production