Who we are

La Bottega del Restauro

A passion that turns dreams into reality – this is “La Bottega del Restauro“.

My father, Icilio, who has always loved old mechanical things, was given an entirely restored Berkel slicer when he retired. Born in the land of great cold meats, his dream became reality as he discovered the magic of restoration.

Hours and hours of fervent work awarded him the satisfaction of bringing to life his first gem of a restored Berkel slicer.


As it so often happens, passions are carried over from father to son. So, after having admired my father for years in his ongoing research and dedication to his work, I discovered my own love for restoring Berkel slicers.

On 14 February 2000 “La Bottega del Restauro”, a small family run company, was established.

Following the dream meant a search for documents, drawings, brochures, patents and above all, the many different models of slicers. I started scrutinizing every detail, along with my father, and restored my first Berkel.

We also created the first website in the world about Berkel, with a great deal of information about the slicer.

La Bottega del Restauro is therefore not only concerned about all the documents, but also the collection and restoration of these special slicers. We are able to find, examine and test almost all of the historical Berkel production models.


Today la bottega del restauro is the only one of its kind in the world for the restoration of the berkel slicer.

Thanks to a workshop of 400 square metres, an 80 square metres display area, and a team of professionals united in our passion for restoration, we can offer our customers a truly awe-inspiring object, both useful and beautiful at the same time, a high quality product that has lost none of its original professional performance thanks to our twenty years of experience. Since 2002 we are also working directly with Berkel, allowing us to provide an official certificate of authenticity and provide a 10 year guarantee.